Register for BILT Early and Pay by Installments! – RTC News

I know that you haven’t gotten your boss’s full agreement to pay for the BILT conference.  I know its a good chunk of change to layout on your own.

Did you know that you could pay for BILT by installments?  YES YOU CAN!

Our Early Registration discount is ending by the end of this month, but nobody wants to miss out on super savings like this.

If you register now, and put a portion of the fee on your credit card, we will reserve you a slot at the early bird price.  That will give you more than 4 months to convince your boss how important this is!  Lets face it, boss would rather pay $1880 than $2262.

Alternately, you can pay the balance off month by month leading up to the event.  It ‘s easier to pay 400/month than cough up the whole thing at once.

What are you waiting for?  Register now!  Lock in the Early Bird!  You know you want it!


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