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2017, is almost upon us. With it, brings our first year running our RTC events as BILTBILT Asia will kick off the year in late March 2017 at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The registrations have been pouring in. One question that we always ask is, your competitors are attending, are you?

Over the years, running as RTC globally we have become a recognised leader in what our conferences can offer. Delegates each year rave about things they’ve learnt from the conference and are implementing their new learning in their day-to-day professional life practices, immediately.

Have a look at all the companies that will be represented, so far, by delegates and speakers making their way to Singapore:


So if you haven’t yet registered, one question that you should ask is, my competitors are attending, should I?

If you haven’t received approval yet, I suggest you do so immediately. If you’ve already received approval, well don’t delay and make sure you register now! See you…

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