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Bentley Systems, well-known for its 2D and 3D CAD software package MicroStation, recently announced that it has partnered with Topcon Positioning Group to connect cloud services for “constructioneering.”

At the Year in Infrastructure 2016 Conference, held in London earlier this month, both companies’ CEOs presented new construction workflows designed to increase efficiency and productivity with enhanced integration between their respective cloud services.

This integration will include ProjectWise CONNECT Edition, Bentley’s cloud-based document and model sharing platform, MAGNET Enterprise, Topcon’s web-based field and office data management system, and ContextCapture, Bentley’s reality modeling software. Although ContextCapture previously only worked with photogrammetry, it can now incorporate point cloud data from laser scanners, facilitating the new workflow.

Bentley Systems will be offering its ProjectWise CONNECT Edition users seamless connectivity with Topcon’s MAGNET Enterprise and Topcon will incorporate Bentley’s ContextCapture image processing for its mass data collection via unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Reality-captured 3D data from ContextCapture. (Image courtesy of Bentley Systems.)

Reality-captured 3D data from ContextCapture. (Image courtesy of Bentley Systems.)

Even with all the advancements in reality capture, building information modeling (BIM) and cloud storage and sharing, 3D data is often still recreated at different phases such as surveying, design and engineering, construction and lifecycle management,…

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