A Rematch of AutoCAD Family Feud is In Order

At Autodesk University 2016 the AutoCAD Team’s Heidi Hewett held a AutoCAD Family Feud fun competition. The first contestants where Lynn Allen and myself each with a team of volunteers.

AutoCAD Family Feud 2

Being the first teams to compete there were technical issues in the scoring but my team was clearly baking the points and were at one point 500 points ahead of the other team. After the lighting round it may have been close, but I don’t know. Some of the answers were odd like top used AutoCAD command you use and the command listed was “OOPS”, really? So we need to do this again with the scoring working as it was a great deal of fun.

Here is me with my awesome team!
2016-11-15 12.59.35

Pointing at the Lynn’s team.
2016-11-15 12.59.48

After this fun and friendly competition Lynn and I are still best buddies.

2016-11-15 13.34.49

Thank you Heidi and the AutoCAD Team for a great AU2016 event!
2016-11-15 13.00.45

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Recap: AutoCAD Family Feud at AU 2016


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