AU Hardware Guide for BIM Workstations

Autodesk University 2016 is over and they now have the video’s of the classes they recorded up on the AU Online site.

AU always has more classes then you can attend, so they record many of the presentations, I wish they would record all of the lecture and lab classes, but they do not.

One class that I wasn’t able to attend but was able watch was Matthew Stachoni “A Hardware Wonk’s Guide to Specifying the Best 3D and BIM Workstations—2016 Edition” this was a great presentation about how and why you make decisions about the hardware you specify for your workstations. Matthew is a great speaker, he explains what parts of the computer systems Revit and 3d Studio Max uses. Mathew also has a 100 page dissertation(handout) on the how the different parts of the computer work that is really well done. In the presentation and even more so Matthew gives his personal recommendations on the different pieces of the computer.

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