What Does Sustainability Have to Do With Civil Engineering and Autodesk?

Multimodal Transit

The way infrastructure is planned for, designed, built and managed needs to change. This has become more apparent over the last ten years. However, the extent and focus of the perceived necessary change has evolved over those same ten years.

The Secret Sauce is Integrated Design and Analysis

At one point, the answer seemed to be simply ‘dynamic, model-based design’. However, technological means and methods for designing new transportation networks has been rapidly changing with:

  • the advent of cloud computing
  • the advancements in reality capture techniques (think drones)
  • the way in which things can be made (consider 3D printing and new fabrication methods)

Drone to DesignWith the rising innovations in technologies, ‘dynamic, model-based design’ alone won’t cut it.

As we enter what is being called the Era of Connection, we see a shift from focusing on designing and building a single project to focusing on the interconnection of data. We have the opportunity to better understand…

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