Back in Hawaii for the 75th Anniversary December 7th Remembrance

I am in Hawaii to attend the 75th anniversary of December 7th. The event is not a celebration of the event or war but to remember how bad war is and how we must never repeat this as well as honor all those that on that Sunday morning. We had expected and hoped President Obama would be attending but it appears he may not be able to attend and cancelled his speaking events. I do know Japan’s Prime Minister Shizo Abe is planning to attend and to remember and pay respects to the survivors and those that perished on December 7th, 1941. There will be several of the remaining Pearl Harbor survivors attendance including the remaining 5 of the USS Arizona. It is expected that this will be the final visit for most of the survivors who are all in their late 90s. If you are attending this event or in Hawaii and wish to, I may have one seat with me available for the ceremony early in the morning for free email me.
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