Experience Takes Center Stage at 7 Tide

7 Tide Boston
Marvin’s model gallery. Image Credit: Sharon Bartolomew

You’re working on a residential project. It’s a big project and you’re the lead designer. It’s early in the design phase and you’re thinking about ways to bring light and views into the design. You need some inspiration so you open up a web browser and Google away.

An hour and a thousand web pages later, your eyes are red from staring at the screen. Despite all that consumption, you’re feeling more overwhelmed than inspired. Sound familiar?

Ah, the plight of the modern architect. Sure, you can find images galore on Google, Houzz or Pinterest. But the Internet can only take you so far.

Sometimes you need to get outside for fresh ideas. You can take a walk outside. While that’s good for clearing your head, it’s not a focused way to get work done. You can visit an art gallery. But that’s too conceptual plus you can’t really bill that time to the project. You can visit a manufacturer’s showroom. But you want to be…

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