Project Scandium extended to August 1, 2017


Technology previews are about feedback. We make them available for free and ask that project participants share their thoughts. We need affirmation of the technology before it takes the next step. It’s not a done deal. If that were the case, we’d go straight to beta and forego the technology preview process. That’s why trying a technology, liking it but not telling us, is the same as not trying it. Project participants are quick to share when something does not work but less inclined to speak up when it does. Truthfully, we want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Project Scandium is one of those technology previews where Moldflow Insight 2017 users apply for participation, and the team approves the applications based on their needs. The technology preview extends simulation capabilities by offering new capabilities to try out and provide feedback. Moldflow users can have this technology preview installed next to their commercial products.

Based on feedback from previous…

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