Scanning the USS Pampanito Submarine drydocked in Alameda for repair


Mitko Vidanovski is a Customer Success Manager at Autodesk who works in our Reality Computing Group. Reality Computing is related to getting reality into the computer (via techniques like scanning or photogrammetry with software such as Autodesk ReCap 360) or getting things out of the computer into reality (like 3D printing with Autodesk Ember).

Mitko shared an interesting laser scanning project that the Reality Computing team recently completed. Every 7 years for about a 2-week period, a World War II submarine known as the Pampanito gets dry-docked in Alameda, CA for inspection, repaint, and complete repair to her hull. The team seized this opportunity to laser scan this 300-feet long monument.

Some of the project details include:

  • Model: USS Pampanito Submarine
  • Scanners used: Leica P16 and Topcon GLS-2000
  • Scans taken: 44
  • Time to acquire: 4 hours
  • ReCap project size: 6.8GB
  • Time to register in ReCap: 1 hour




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