Happy New Year


For those who believe that the end of the world is only 19 days away (inauguration day), fear not. To quote our CEO, Carl Bass, in an email to all employees after the election.

Whatever happens now, we should take pride in the company we work for and our vision of helping people imagine, design, and create a better world. And especially in Autodesk’s culture, which puts a prize on openness of thought, the ability to disagree in a constructive way, and then to find solutions and move forward. We value and foster diversity and respect for everyone. As we move forward, I hope that what we all do every day, to help our customers design, make, and use so many things that contribute to a better world, will help sustain us and provide positive focus.

For today, enjoy today. Starting Tuesday, January 3, we will be back to work helping to make Carl’s rallying cry come true.

Hope is alive in the lab.

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