Keep Them Coming! – RTC News

The RTC Events Management team has just returned from the holiday break. Our abstract submission site for BILT Europe 2017, however, has been open and we thank all of you who submitted proposals during this holiday period. For those who haven’t yet and are planning on submitting, please note the submissions are open till Friday 27 January 11:59pm GMT. If you’re still on break but would like submit an abstract(s), please register yourself as a user on our system and start the process. By doing so we’ve got your details registered in the system and we’ll send out periodic reminders to submit your abstract(s).

If you’ve submitted an abstract for any of the BILT events in 2017, you’re welcome to submit that for BILT Europe 2017. We have now closed submission for all other regions barring BILT Europe 2017. To avoid disappointment, please ensure you have submitted your abstract by the submission deadline.

On behalf of the BILT Europe committee and the RTC Events…

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