Linking Excel Data Into Navisworks – Part 3 Editing Data in Excel

Back in Part 2 we were able to export data from the items in our Navisworks model, with the critical step of adding a key to each item, a unique identifier that we can use to round-trip that information back into Navisworks.

In this post we are going to open up the exported .CSV file, add some more data, and make some tweaks that will make our lives easier when we pull this back into Navisworks.

The first step is easy: track down the .CSV file I exported and open it up in Excel. Depending on how your Excel is installed, you can probably just double-click on it to open it up. Once it’s open a quick glance tells me that yes indeed, this is the data I selected to export. Everything is working as expected.

A closer glance usually adds a touch of confusion. See that first row? What essentially are the column headers? When I first open this file up, all I see are “Element”, “Item”, “Element”, “Item”, and “Item”. Not very useful to let me know what data is what. But, if I go in and…

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