WIRED Magazine: Autodesk generatively-designed chair is the third most innovative object of 2016 that you’ll actually want to use


I have reported about this before:

Over our holiday break, our team was thrilled to learn that Brittany’s idea, Project Dreamcatcher’s design, and Arthur’s fine craftsmanship were recognized by WIRED Magazine’s third most innovative object of 2016 that you’ll actually want to use.

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When Brittany Presten was interning with us this past summer, she came up with the idea to create a chair. Naturally, she enlisted the help of Arthur Harsuvanakit, Technical Assistant to Autodesk CEO, Carl Bass, and designer extraordinaire in his own right. Arthur has been codesigning objects with Carl for 5 years now. They’ve designed bowls, jewelry, tables, desk lamps, and most recently, a unique clock, together. Brittany and Arthur used Autodesk’s Project Dreamcatcher to generate the design. As an experienced…

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