Databases are Beautiful – RTC News

Trevor Taylor and Philip Rothey of ZGF Architects ( will be presenting a session about databases. The abstract introduction reads:

“Data is knowledge; and knowledge is power. Databases are, therefore, the modern engines of power. This session is an introduction to the basics of database technology with some cool practical examples and, hopefully, we will inspire you to head off on your own. There’s gold in them there hills!”

The Data Day Committee reached out to Trevor and asked some questions about their passion for data.

What is the name of the session?

“Data is Beautiful: A Database primer”

Why do you find data so interesting?

“Using data is like fishing: you kind of know what to expect, but sometimes you pull up something wholly unexpected and wonderful.”

What is the one thing an attendee would learn/know after the session?

“An attendee will know how to talk trash about databases at the RTC mixer.”

What benefits have databases brought to your…

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