The Expectations of a Golden Ticket Recipient – RTC News

Last week I had the honour of giving out a Golden Ticket for this year’s BILT Europe at BIMaarhus’ network meeting. The prize ceremony was the cherry on top of a 2-hour series of talks on information modelling within infrastructure. Being from the building industry myself; I always cherish the opportunity to learn perspectives from other parts of our digital built environment, and while the tools used for planning highways are slightly different from those used in the building industry; the processes are very much the same. I’d encourage all of you attending one of our events, to seek out sessions from speakers outside your ‘comfort zone’; there is always a lot of insights to be gained.

Anyways, back to the Golden Ticket, which gave the lucky winner free attendance to all 3 days of BILT Europe including all social functions. I quickly fired 5 questions to the lucky winner Flemming Graarup, who is going to be a first-time attendee :-).

Who are you – and what is your…

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