Alejandro Mata – RTC News

This year’s BILT Europe conference in Aarhus, Denmark is packed with great topics and speakers. This week we spoke with Alejandro Mata from Rambøll who will be presenting two sessions:

1.) MEP Data Analytics: Enhance your MEP Design – Saturday session 3.2.

2.) Decision Taking and Supercharge Open BIM: Dynamo for IFC and BCF – Friday session 2.3.

Who you are and what you do (not just your title…what you really do!)?

I’m Alejandro Mata, a BIM consultant and computational design specialist at Rambøll in Denmark. I’ve got a Masters in Science, HVAC design engineer with a background in civil engineering and architectural technology. I’m passionate about enhancing the performance of AEC industry by pursuing the establishment of a common data environment within a BIM process and promoting a better utilisation of building technology, towards automation of digital design processes and research in generative design.

My focus is to work smarter and achieve the most…

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