Our Lucky Golden Ticket Winners – RTC News

This week we e-chat with the lucky winners of the BIM Group event Golden Ticket Prizes.

Introduce yourself – where do you work and what do you do? How did you come to win your Golden Ticket (why were you at your local BIM event?)

I’m Callum Freeman from Assemble, our practice is an Architectural delivery partner enabling architectural ambition with offices in New Zealand and Australia.

We are heavy BIM technology user’s, organising and executing this on construction projects and my role is to lead and drive this within the business.

We are contributors and also have a hunger for knowledge with regard to BIM and support our BIM networks, and we managed to win a Golden ticket at one of those events, thanks BILT! [Steven Davis attended BIMak, and passed the winning ticket onto Callum – lucky him!]

Was this your first BILT (RTC) event? If not, which other events have you been to?

I have been both an attendee and speaker at RTC conferences in the past.

Would you have been…

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