Come Feast with us in Aarhus! – RTC News


Summer is upon us; which here in Denmark means the weather is going to alternate between ‘extraordinarily cloud dehydration (read: lots of rain) and ‘extraordinarily body re-hydration’ (read: sweat it all out at the beach).

However, I did, of course, did not post this blog for you to read about the Danish weather; but to share a few highlights from the upcoming BILT EUR 2017 event; where you will alternate between having an intellectual feast (read: excellent sessions) and an actual feast (read: we’ll keep you delightfully fed).

This year’s theme is #BeyondAutomation; which we kick off with the Danish authority on Exponential Thinking and Disruption, Anders Hvid – after which the schedule is a festive smorgasbord with no less than 7 concurring sessions to choose from at most times (and really you should pop by and just take it all in).

So what am I looking forward to? For one, there is so much talk about BIG data;…

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