Solve WiFi Range and Bandwidth Issues

No WiFi Connection

I wanted to share this with readers that might have the same modern day issues. I recently moved into a new house and was battling getting WiFi throughout the house. The house is a 75 year old farmhouse and now renovated, but the layout is odd with many walls and a floor between the bedroom and all the way out to my home office. In the past I had tried the WiFi repeaters and had little success, other than lightening my wallet of money and they caused a great deal of latency and connection problems. Surely there had to be another solution.

I searched high and low and came up with a mesh network solution that promised the greatest bandwidth and signal distribution. I went with a Orbi unit after reading many reviews.

Image result for orbi by netgear

After having it a couple weeks I can undoubtedly say this is the best router setup I have ever used. If you are looking for something to give you the greatest coverage and drop dead simple fastest bandwidth in every room, office, or out into the yard and support of the…

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