Design Automation: An Interesting Variant for Repetitive Furniture Manufacturing

To furniture manufacturers:

Have you ever come across a point while fabricating that led you to push back the deadlines because of customized requirement by each client?

To furniture design engineers:

Have you experienced, while designing, that a certain CAD model is same as what you did for last customer except for a few minor alterations?

A group of designer engineer developed insights to eliminate this repetitive grunt work and make the furniture manufacturing business more interesting. DriveWorks was introduced with this aim and to have accelerated business opportunities.

Furniture industry has come a long way

Furniture industry is highly customized, and furniture fabricators sell products that are highly configured as per their customers’ requirements. Every furniture piece is different because it uses different designs and modern because it has to keep up with the latest design trends. Fabricators insist on accelerating engineering lead time and deliver their products…

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