BILTna 2017 Top Ten Speaker Chad Speas – RTC News

I love to talk!

I’m an Architect…I have a perspective, or what’s better known as an opinion. I enjoy sharing my perspective in hopes that it will help others with their own struggles. I enjoy helping and pleasing others. I marry these two interests, talking and people, together in the form of public speaking. But, it takes more than passion to be a good presenter.

There are countless “how-to”s and discussions on improving your public speaking and presentation skills. Joe outlines some great ideas in his blog post (here). I’m going to dig a little deeper into how I put together a successful presentation and how I believe my approach helped me become a Top 10 speaker with my first presentation at BilTna. You have to be prepared, know your audience, and know your subject matter. I think those are all things presenters can relate to. I’d like to take a different approach and share some of the intangible characteristics that I think make good speakers…

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