Leica BLK360 for Revit MEP Design to Fabrication – Part 1 Initial Scanning

Condominium Duplex in Bozeman, Montana – SQ FT. ~4,000SF
Total Scanning Time: ~1 Hour and 45 Minutes
Total Transferring/Registration/Index Time: ~1 Hour and 30 Minutes
I’m posting this primarily for others that are in the market for one of these scanners, who are looking for feedback/information from someone that is not trying to sell one of these units, and for people who are interested in how our firm is effectively utilizing it. This post will be a three-part series. The second post will follow with coordination of the plumbing and heating system in Revit and the final post will have a follow-up with images of the installed system.
Videos of Finished Product:
ReCap Point Cloud:

Revit Point Cloud:

Harvey’s Plumbing & Heating has recently invested in a BLK360 scanner for MEP design coordination. In the past, our field technicians would report various dimensions and pictures from the field to our internal design department. This was how as-built conditions were reported to the office and it was not fail-safe or entirely accurate. This is now a thing of the past thanks to the scanner.
One of the most challenging situations we had was getting all the necessary dimensions, without human error or simply forgetting a dimension, to the office. The stud locations all vary because they’re not always installed exactly as the drawings show. Framing is generally never drawn and always varies from stud to stud. Beams and other variables aren’t…

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