RevitCat: Weird Railing Stuff – part 8

I have explained previously that Revit handrail support spacing is measured along the length of  sloping handrails, not horizontal (plan) distance.

What does this mean when it comes to moving individual supports on a handrail?  Well, the rules are equally weird, but differently weird.

In the following  example, you might want the spacing to be measured horizontally (in plan), so you need to move the supports on the sloping parts of the handrail.

The first thing to do is select just the support (Tab, select), and unpin it.  This will allow you to slide the support along handrail – but most likely you want to be very precise about how far it is moved.  You might try using the ‘Align’ tool, providing you have something like a reference plane to align to:

Law of Diminishing Returns

In this context, the Align tool does not do what you expect – it presents you with more Revit Weirdness.  Once you select the reference plane to align to, then click on the support centreline, it…

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