How 5D BIM fuels the growth of Construction Industry

March 13th, 2018 BIM

5D BIM shows physical and functional aspects of designs along with near accurate cost estimates as well as BOMs that goes beyond geometrical attribution of a 3D BIM model.

Additionally, it shares information across third party software platforms and enables the collaboration between technical, finance and management disciplines of any building construction project in a common data environment (CDE).

However, the transition from 3D to 5D also involves 4D BIM construction sequencing which is equally important to any construction firm. 4D BIM construction video created with scheduling software like Navisworks and Timeliner tool and an animation of construction timeline with particular start and end date eases the decisions making process for logistics. It essentially guides material supply, helps firms implement lean construction and attain control over cost overruns.

Construction firms and contractors can unlock the full potential of 5D BIM by cross…

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