How I felt about BCS co-locating with BILT vs Now – RTC News

When the topic of BCS co-locating with BILT was brought up last year I have to admit I was not in favor of it in the short term.  In the overall scheme of things I felt it was definitely a good idea, but at the time I didn’t think it was the way to go.  As an attendee to BILT, I already have a hard time selecting sessions for BILT, and now I was going to have to pick between BILT and BCS sessions.


Fast forward a couple months, several meetings and a lot of conference calls later and I am actually excited for both events to happen concurrently.  As Randall mentioned in his post last week, it opens up BCS to everyone who is a BILT attendee, which is awesome.  I know a lot of people are interested in the topics at both events, but getting the extra time away from work and covering the additional costs associated with a separate event can be difficult, even for the most generous of firms.  Even if you have only been ‘kind of curious’ as a BILT / RTC attendee in the…

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