Ken Flannigan, KONE – RTC News

Ken Flannigan, BIM Solution Owner at KONE will be presenting a session at BCS on Friday, August 10th,  St Louis, MO.  Here he shares with us a little more information about his presentation…

Presentation Title: Configure, Automate, Innovate: Industrialized BIM in a World of Variation

Description: Vertical transportation equipment is, by nature, highly configurable. To put in perspective exactly what I mean by highly configurable, there are more possible configurations of just KONE equipment than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy (that’s 100 billion!). 

On top of the configuration variety, as a worldwide building product manufacturer and specialty contractor, we are challenged by wide variations of project expectations regarding BIM.

It has been a focus of KONE’s Technology and Innovation group to bring digital intelligence and automation to bear on these issues.  What we’ve learned stretches far beyond configuring products and takes us into fundamental…

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