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New Asbestos Imaging App to Take the Guesswork out of Safety
Emily Pollock posted on June 13, 2018 | | 107 views

Lucion CEO Patrick Morton (left) with developer Alexei Holgate, who is partnering with the team to create an app that displays asbestos risk data. Both men are holding still images from their app. (Image courtesy of Lucion.)

British risk management company Lucion Services has partnered with Northumbria University to develop an app that lets users view a building’s asbestos risk data in 3D.

Lucion’s BIM database already allows users to look up asbestos and other risk data, and the new app will make it possible for them to view the data in 3D. The app will create 3D plans and drawings of buildings on a smartphone, and will connect with the BIM data on Lucion’s servers. That way, builders and contractors can look at asbestos and other risk data in 3D.

“It’s essential that clear information is provided to everyone involved in the supply chain or with access to a building,” said CEO Patrick Morton in a company statement. “This can minimize the potential risks associated with exposure to asbestos-containing materials during refurbishment or building works.”

The project is part of Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) program, where businesses partner with the “UK Knowledge Base” to promote economic growth and social well-being. As part of the partnership, Lucion is working with developer and recent Northumbria graduate Alexei…

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