What Revit Needs Now

I’ve been reading Peter Diamandis’s great book, Abundance, and it’s forcing me to stretch my brain more than I am used to. I am nowhere near smart enough to try to think about big world impacting issues like he outlines, so I thought I’d really noodle on Revit as a tool and try to figure out what I think it needs based on what I see as happening in the design and construction industry.

This has led me to two short posts, this being the first one of what Revit needs NOW.

Modular design

I won’t bury the lead: Revit needs a much better way to facilitate modular design. And I am thinking at a high level and I might be using that term in a way that deviates from the usual usage, so I’ll try to break it down a little bit.

Multi-unit design

Multi-unit design has always been a glaring omission in Revit. Have you tried to lay out a hotel or multi unit residence? There is no one way that Revit users have pointed to as “yup, that’s the way to do it”. I’ve seen groups, I’ve seen links, I’ve…

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