The Ljubljana Retrospect – RTC News


What a good time we had during BILT Europe in the magical city of Ljubljana! For me, it was a deeply moving experiences, not just because it was my first year as Regional Chairman, but because you all devoted yourself fully to sharing your extraordinary ideas with a burning passion and outmost respect for each other’s opinions.

Our goal with this year’s program was to drive a gigantic wrecking ball through the silos that barricades and impedes our ability to collaborate across disciplines and decision levels – dare I say that the dust has still not settled?

The classes selected for the program was a statement to the evolutionary step our community has taken since its birth as RTC Europe, and feeling your reactions to the choices that we made, has boosted our belief that we are indeed on the right track. No other gathering of talent in the built environment, features such diversity and openness as BILT Europe. To see you collaborate and inspire each other brings me…

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