As you enter Lothbury Court (hauling a load of bullion in a cart behind you no doubt) impressive flights of steps rise on both sides, but straight ahead … a triumphal arch in the Roman manner.  It’s almost a month since I set to work on this.

It was already roughed out, but needed to be lifted to the next level of development.  There are four statues atop of four Corinthian columns.  I don’t know if there’s a proper term for the way the entablature is projected over the columns in a series of spurs that act as bases for the statues.  And I don’t know who the four mythical creatures are.  I’m sure they have signigicance.  For now I am simply using the grecian maiden who serves as a caryatid in a couple of the transfer halls.  That’s the only mesh I have which is remotely suitable, so it will have to do.


The central panel at this level is a key pattern.  We only have a very grainy image to base this on, so I blew it up and traced over the image freehand on my phone. That gave me…

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