AU2018 Day 3

Another AU is over, everything is blending together.

Today I had a class about failing as a BIM Coordinator. Much like a lot of my classes toady it wasn’t exactly what I was thinking it was about, but it was a good class. It was a lot about communication and how the Role of a BIM Coordinator is a new role and has different tasks than a BIM Modeler(he didn’t quite those words). My last class of the day was with Arron Maller and Robert Manna about Auditing Revit Models, well sort of. Arron’s part seemed to get into the gest of the Auditing process, while what Robert was talking about was data mining his projects and using a database to figure out the health of a model with some automation process.

This year the exhibit hall had a cool Lego build wall, where attendees could build something and put it up and the wall to display.

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