Digital Built Week – A New Direction – RTC News

The more things stay the same, the more they change; oh wait, that isn’t the saying? Well I think it’s fair to say it is the motto of those of us within DBEI (the hosts of DTS, BILT, BCS, DD and more). Our committee members are always looking for opportunities to evolve their events to stay relevant and meet the needs of our attendees and community. As committee members we can’t sit still, we need to constantly challenge ourselves: are our events meeting the needs of the communities that we serve? To that end we have decided to make some of the biggest changes we’ve made since our inception!

The immediate question that follows is “why?”, of course we would not be making these changes if we did not think it would have a positive impact, so let’s review the changes coming and how we see this as being of benefit to you, the community:

  1. Abstracts will be open for all 4 events. We want to hear from you! Traditionally, our more niche events have their speakers picked by…

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