I’ve been sketching on my phone at odd moments, often while trying to drift off to sleep in my bed.  I think I am gradually adapting to a digital toolkit.  Ultimately it has to become a kind of “muscle memory” thing, so to some extent you just have to put the time in and see what happens.  Focus your conscious attention on higher level questions, and let your subconscious self develop its skills in the background.  At times I just scribble out the first thing that comes into my head.

Recently I have been doing a series of pilaster capitals.  It’s a way of gaining a deeper understanding of the enormously rich variety that is possible within the rigid discipline of “the 5 orders”  I’ve been modelling these things in Revit, but sketching them by hand gives a completely different set of insights.  I’ve done four in the past few days: mostly composite. but one of them is probably more Ionic.  Sketchbook Pro has layers, so I usually save out a line drawing, then do some fill and…

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