Catching up on the Autodesk University 2018 keynotes

Among other things, this week, I’ve been trying to kick-off my AU2018 catch-up viewing. So far I’ve just had the chance to fill in the keynotes that I missed, so I thought I’d collect those that I could find together for others to view.

AU's favourite DJ

The first keynote of the Monday’s pre-conference events was that of Connect & Construct:

Next up was that of the Forge DevCon. Very strangely (for me, anyway) I couldn’t attend this one in person, as I was presenting a Connect & Construct session at the same time.

Of the main AU event, there was, of course, the opening keynote:

The next I attended was the AEC industry keynote, for which the only recording I could track down is on Facebook.

One keynote I wish I’d managed to attend in person was probably my favourite of the whole event: the Product Design & Manufacturing keynote. Excellent content and perfectly executed.

Next week I’ll hopefully find time to dig into individual classes: as usual there were many excellent sessions at this…

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