Autodesk Design Night in Dublin Ireland

Autodesk Design Night in Dublin Ireland

Making Dreams Happen. The future of designing + making is here.  If you are in Dublin Ireland, please join us at the first ever Autodesk Design Night in Dublin Ireland We are bringing our global event Design Night series to Ireland for the first time on 16 January, 2018.

Making Dreams Happen

Design Night by Autodesk is a regular, sold-out event at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco. Design Night has travelled to major design capitals of the world including Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, New York, London, Dubai, Moscow.

Join us and come explore the amazing world of tomorrow as we kick off Design+Make Dublin for the first time!

The things we design and make are becoming better suited to human needs as we realize that it’s optimization that drives us forward. Faced with the inevitability of more people demanding more, plus the reality of fewer resources, we look to the dream makers who see the opportunity of designing and making better things.

Hear from Andrew Anagnost, Autodesk CEO, about…

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