Flying the Friendly Skies – RTC News

The BILT North America Committee meets this week in Seattle to review every abstract submission for this year’s Digital Built Event Week 2019 ( Seattle has a beautiful skyline – and we’ll all be very lucky if we get to see it during regular business hours.

How are you going to spend your weekend? We’ll spend ours in a large conference room for 12-16 hours a day from Friday to Sunday (the horse trading of sessions begins Thursday night). Hopefully the conference room will have windows. The Toronto workshop was magical when it started to snow. 🙂

Abstract Submission stats (keep in mind this is across all 4 events)

  • Total Submissions: 375
  • Country of Origin: 13
  • Most Submissions: Carl Storms (obviously slacking off and down one from last year!)

By Event:


By Country of Origin:

Country Origin

By Session Style:

Session Style

By Presentation Type:

Session Type

By Primary Focus:

Primary Focus

An there you have it! Good lock to everyone who submitted. If your session…

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