RevitCat: Weird Railing Stuff – part 16

Following on from my previous post about Railing Offsets, here is some more detail about the ludicrously inconsistent UI for Handrails and Top Rail offsets in the ‘New-style’ railings.

Handrail Offsets

Handrails can only be moved laterally within the Handrail Type Properties (not in the railing properties).  This is controlled by a property called ‘Hand Clearance’

The Hand Clearance property dictates how far the inside face of the Handrail is offset from the ‘Notional Railing Centreline’, which is not necessarily where the wall or other railing elements are*.

  • The Handrail family has a ‘Hand Clearance’ property, and projection property (see below)
  • In trying to use a real-world term, Autodesk have muddied the waters and made it totally confusing to work with.  This property is only logical with certain types of railings:
    • one example might be a wall-mounted handrail that has no other linear elements; and even then it only works when the Railing ‘Offset from Path’ property…

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