It’s (Not) All Fun and Games – RTC News

Nearly 380 abstracts were submitted for the 2019 conference (BCS, DTS, Data Day and BILT). We have around 110 slots to fill. Simple math tells us that for every accepted abstract, 3.5 people are going to be disappointed. It’s actually higher than that when you consider there’s a few sessions that’ll have the same speaker.

If you proposed an Architectural session as the primary track, the odds are further against. There were nearly 75 abstracts for an an available 18 sessions. Simple math: for every accepted session 4.2 people are going to be disappointed.

So what’s the process and parameters to review, select and reject submissions? 

First of all – it’s not automated. Secondly – every abstract is reviewed by multiple people multiple times. And then again during the planning workshop. It’s a very unsexy four-day process. So allow me to explain! 

See the cards on the boards in the back of the room? Once we get onsite, we group all the submissions by primary track….

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