2019 workshop series kicks-off | parametricmonkey

If you’ve been thinking about becoming more digitally competent this year, Parametric Monkey has just announced a series of upcoming workshops focused on improving the digital literacy of designers:

We all know that it
is hard to get away from the office for large chunks of time. That’s why we’ve
designed our workshops to suit the demands of AEC professionals. Our workshops
run for 3.5hrs sessions so you’ll never be too far away from your project! Not
only do we find this more convenient for our clients, but research shows that
‘spaced’ learning is a more effective way to remembering new information than
‘massed’ learning.1

Some employers have
the attitude that they can send out employees for training for a few days of
intensive training and come back proficient. Job done. The classic example of
this is Revit training. Many companies still offer three- and five-day training
courses. But we all know what happens when we do this – we get all geared up

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