RevitCat: Revit Conceptual Massing Environment

Over the years I have struggled with the Conceptual Massing Environment (CME) in Revit.  It is not easy to use, and is not at all well integrated with the rest of Revit.  However, I have learnt a huge amount about how to get it to do what you want (or not!).  I have tried to document some of the tips and tricks on this blog and during various conference presentations that I have given at RTC & BILT .

Here is a summary / index of all the relevant posts on this blog:

Conceptual Massing Environment

Rival Revit Environments – Traditional vs Conceptual Massing Environment (CME)


Creating Traditional Forms using Conceptual Massing

Part 1 – Extrusion 
             Extrusion Offset Properties
Part 2 – Blend
Part 3 – Revolve
Part 4 – Sweep
Part 5 – Swept Blend
Part 6 – Loft


Part 7 – Hybrid Swept Blend / Loft

Revit Nurby Forms at BILTANZ

Adaptive Components

Adaptive Components

Adaptive components are a subset of the Conceptual Massing Environment:



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