RevitCat: Path of Travel Follow Up

Following up on my previous post ‘Path of Travel – The Dalek of Revit 2020‘ I have investigated one of the problems that I encountered the new feature while testing it.  This related to the path of travel not going around the sofa in the lower area living room.

What I should have done is look at the model more closely in 3D.  The living area (with dotted hatching on carpet) is 3 steps lower than the rest of the house in the Revit sample file.  The sofa is on the lower level, and only the back and arms protrude above the floor level of the rest of the house.

What Revit does in calculating the path is to calculate obstructions from the ‘Bottom’ height up to the ‘Top’ of the analysis zone, relative to the level of the plan view that you are in.  Any obstructions outside this height range are ignored.

What happens in this example is that the path of travel is calculated ignoring the change in level going down the 3 steps.  The bulk of the sofa is below the analysis zone, so…

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