Change Fusion 360 User Interface for the Better

A User Interface (UI) can impact your use of a product and if done right can increase your productivity making it logical and intuitive and reduce steps or provide insight on where you are. The new preview for the Fusion 360 provides and checks all those boxes with a well needed update. In the past a software UI update might just the cheese or includes style changes to icons and causes a lot of re-learning by users, but in this case it was a rational change and long overdue and reflects Autodesk’s evolution to more intentional UI changes.

Read more from the Fusion 360 Team on the changes they made, and why.  Fusion 360 is getting a fresh new look (Fusion 360 Blog)
A good video walkthrough with Keqing Song and Jake Fowler Fusion 360 New Toolbar UI – Top 5 Old Vs. New Changes

How do you get the updated UI Preview? Its simple, just enable it in your preferences of Fusion 360 and then restart.

Go to Preferences


On the Preview section enable UI Preview.


Now restart Fusion 360 and you will…

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