Last week

I took a road trip last week from Oregon to Utah to visit my kids and camping along the way. It was a good way to clear the head and also catch up with my kids. Here are a few photos of the beautiful and dramatically contrasting landscape in the western US.

I camped at Clear Lake Oregon in Central Oregon where the water is of course crystal clear, but really cold due to being fed by a natural spring that starts the beautiful Mackenzie River. 3000 years ago there was a lava flow that dammed up the spring and created this lake and in the process covered a forest of massive trees. The trees are like ghosts just under the surface in the clear water preserved by the cold water.

Amazing place!
Clear Lake Oregon
Clear Lake OregonClear Lake Oregon

Submerged Ghosts of Clear LakeSubmerged Ghosts of Clear LakeKayaking Clear Lake
Kayaking Clear LakeKayaking Clear LakeKayaking Clear Lake

Oh, the sunsets were epic complete with osprey diving to catch fish and wild otters playing.
Clear Lake Oregon Sunset

A nice hike to Proxy Falls

Proxy Falls
Bear GrassProxy FallsProxy Falls

A few off road adventures and then a stop to cool off for lunch at the Deschutes River just outside Bend Oregon.

A really old Boat Ramp sign where the tree has grown around the sign at…

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