Download 14 BIM ‘View Templates’ for Expressive Floor Plans

BIM based 3D information technology is also being applied to the work of floor-planning. Severa; 3D models rendered on conventional floor-plan platforms don’t demonstrate equivalent level of detail and complexity as ones that integrates BIM technology. For this reason, it becomes essential to develop configurations that take into account the formation of an expressive and detailed floor plan that provides the best potential view of a project.

In this article, one can get an architectural file from Revit that highlights a series of configured View Templates specifically designed for architects who are beginners to Revit and BIM practices, this file will facilitate to integrate View Templates into your Revit projects, allowing you to present the ideas and concepts behind your designs in a better way.

To export the View Templates from the project file to yours, initially, it is required to open both files open in Revit. After that, in your project file, select the Manage tab and then…

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