Heading to Dublin and then London

It’s been a relatively busy week, and yet very much “the calm before the storm” of AU London. I’ve been receiving lots of meeting requests over the last few days, filling up my AU London schedule nicely, as well as a request to be part of a “technology trends” panel session on the second day, just after the class Lorenzo and I will be giving. That should be interesting… despite my role, I definitely don’t consider myself a futurist or visionary. But anyway – perhaps that will make for a more interesting discussion… we’ll see!

I’ve also iterated a few times on the Capturefinery tool, this week, although I only realised last night that most of my iterations weren’t being published: you need to use Dynamo for Revit to publish to the package manager – logically enough, as you need to be logged in via your Autodesk credentials for the package to have an author – but my DLL was being updated under “Dynamo Core” rather than “Dynamo Revit”. A…

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