Autodesk Lunch with the Customer Events

Lunch with the Customer Events

I started a program in our Autodesk Portland office this year to connect our awesome local Autodesk customers with our awesome employees and so far it has received great feedback from both customers and employees that have participated in it. The two groups don’t meet often enough and also may be limited to an industry but with several industries and technologies converging it is important for everyone to be connected and exposed to different customers and industries to better understand the customers business, challenges, where they think their industry is heading. Now this may sound like a meeting or pressure filled presentation, but is is not. It is intended to be easy, fun, you talk about you and your company and a free lunch. I have brought in AEC Construction and Animation customers to the Portland office as well recently did a remote broadcast from a Autodesk Inventor & Fusion 360 customer Jay Leno’s Garage.

I run these as a casual conversation for 20-30 minutes.

  • Who you are,…

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