Generatively Paris – Through the Interface

Yesterday I hopped on the TGV Lyria in Bern to head across to Paris for a meeting with a large customer who was interested in learning more about generative design.

The train to Paris

It was nice to be heading back across to Paris – especially just before the summer break – as I have very fond memories of my year studying just south of the city. On arrival at Gare de Lyon I decided to walk for a couple of kilometres to stretch my legs after five hours in the train, to see part of the city I didn’t know but also to avoid one additional “correspondence” on my Metro trip to Ivry-sur-Seine.

Very bizarrely I soon ended up stopping and staring at the sky as perhaps 30-40 military helicopters of various shapes and sizes flew overhead. I hoped it was somehow connected with some military display related to planned Bastille Day celebrations, but part of me did wonder whether this was how the “end of days” begins. A clear sign I’ve been overdoing the Sci-Fi series on Netflix.

Apocalypse Now

Shortly after I…

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