How to use full navigation wheels in Revit

In this Revit tutorial, you will get details on Full Navigation Wheels inside Revit.

The Full Navigation Wheels (big and mini) comprise of common 3D navigation tools which are useful for both visualizing an object and walking through a building.

The big and Mini Tour Building wheels give access to the tools given below:

• Zoom. Zooms in and out of the existing view.
• Rewind. Retrieves the most current view. It is possible to move backward or forward by clicking and dragging left or right.
• Pan. Shits the model up, down, to the left, and to the right.
• Orbit. Modify the orientation of the model by rotating the model around a pivot point when the view gets fixed.
• Walk. Simulates walking through a model.
• Up/Down. Slides the existing view of a model across the Z axis of the model.
• Look. Revolves the current view.
• Center. Specifies the center of the existing model view.

Note: While one of the Full Navigation Wheels is demonstrated, just press and hold the…

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