The model as it was at the beginning of this post 

There is a network of maintenance access routes that we are just beginning to understand. The next image was posted on LinkedIn just over a week ago and has had more than 26,000 views. It shows a semi-concealed viewing platform between the two towers, directly above the organ loft. Inside the towers on either side are massive wooden frames to support the church bells. Organ music and the peals of bells: the sounds of medieval Christianity. I digress. 

From here you can pass briefly through the corners of the roof void to emerge at eaves level high above the nave on either the North or the South side. With the steep roof on one side, and a stone balustrade on the other, you can walk along a gutter / access gallery, all the way to the junction with the Transepts 

At this point the route gets complicated, and an element of guesswork creeps in. It’s quite clear that the Triforium Gallery (1) is connected to the access gutter (2) by a…

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